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I have been creating fine, unique and unusual functional art in Guelph, Ontario, Canada for close to 30 years. I participated in my first show in 1988 and have won a number of awards for my work.

I specialize in bent wood sculptural items, laminated veneer and marquetry boxes, bowls, trays, clocks and wall hangings. I also build furniture and custom electric guitars and basses. And anything else that can be made from wood, including puzzles, Christmas ornaments and toys.

Woodworking has been a life-long love affair of mine. I took up the practice around the age of 6. After highschool I studied Architectural design and then worked 27 years in Engineering. Through Architectural study I learned the value of visual balance, proportion and composition. Engineering helped me understand how things physically go together. A lifetime of studying and exploring woodworking principals brought both disciplines together.

In addition to my woodworking, I am a performing musician. My preferred instrument is the bass - both guitar and upright. I regularly play instruments of my own design and construction.