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Cutting Detail of White Pine Tray using the treadle-operated fret saw I built from my own design.
Marquetry is a demanding art form. It involves the inter-cutting of various wood veneers to create an image or mosaic. Patience and a steady hand are a must.

To begin, I create a design and then determine the best woods to use. I give consideration to the wood grain pattern and its colour - whatever attributes will best express the design. Using a fret saw, and employing what is called the double-bevel cut, I fashion the veneers into an image. When completed, the image is applied to a box "blank", a tray or a piece of furniture which I will have prepared ahead of time. I then apply a protective finish. After that, I hope the piece becomes part of someone's life.

Click 'Next' below to see some detailed examples of the marquetry I have done over the years. Note that all of the wood is in its natural colour. I do not stain or paint any of the veneer I use. Depending on the design I'm working with, I will singe portions of the veneer before cutting it into the image. In this way I can create the illusion of contour and shadow.